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MED: Glass Collection




Collection of glass tableware. With a Mediterranean and sustainable character, it is committed to local craftsmanship.


The tableware is handcrafted in two workshops in Barcelona. Its organic shapes and natural materials are inspired by the Mediterranean landscape, specially the rocky coves of the Serra de Tramuntana. The glass symbolizes the sea, reflecting its waves and transparencies. On the other hand, the stones have been collected - and carefully chosen according to their color, size and shape - from the Port de Valldemossa. The result of the final collection is reminiscent of the movement of the sea enveloping the stones.

The family consists of two plates and two blown glass bowls that complement the tableware. 

The manufacture of the plain plate involves several phases: the choice of a textured, transparent and colorless glass, its subsequent cutting into sheets and polishing of the edges - carried out by hand with diamond tools - and the final gluing of the split stones.

In the case of the bowls and the bubble plate, an extra clear glass, also transparent and colorless, has been used. The glass is blown by hand to cane in wooden molds to give the first form. Then, the surface is treated with a flame that deforms the material, thus creating the holes where the stones fit; this last part is the most delicate part of the process.