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Akhet 01, 02, 03


HM Palma Blanc



Set of desk and pendant lamps designed for the HM Palma Blanc hotel made in ceramic by local artisans.


Akhet01: Desk Lamp

The table lamp, handcrafted in ceramic and glass, provides a warm and cozy feeling through its soft light and the choice of natural materials: the blown glass shade comes from Barcelona, while the stoneware base is made in a family workshop in Pòrtol, where the final product is also assembled.

Akhet02: Hanging Lamp

Aiming for the same type of ambiance, the pendant lamp subtly provides suspended points of light. Its versatility allows them to function equally well on the bedside table as on the dining table. With a conical design, the stoneware shade is suspended from the ceiling by a linen cable. It is also manufactured in the Pòrtol workshop.

Akhet03: Hanging Lamp

Designed for the spa reception of the Hotel HM Palma Blanc, this luminaire accompanies the feeling of relaxation and purity offered by the space. Under this idea, a family of 3 stoneware ceramic lamps has been designed -40, 32 and 20 cm in diameter- cut freehand and suspended from the ceiling at different heights. The combination and repetition of them generates a game of sizes and heights that results in a composition of organic shapes that allude to the light bubbles of the spa.