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Ignea: Llengues Textile




With the aim of preserving cultural heritage, Ígnea brings traditional Mallorcan craftsmanship into a contemporary context. Focusing on textile design, it offers a new way of interpreting the traditional fire flame shape using a gradient of color.


The symbol of fire has always been the protagonist element of Mallorcan celebrations. For both the pagan and Christian population, fire is part of their rituals and traditions, as well as being considered as a fertilizer for the soil.

The hanging rocker was born as a result of the textile study, made of walnut wood. This product is able to use the exact measure of the textile and use it in its own favor to obtain maximum efficiency. The Majorcan tongues leave the factory with a total width of 70cm and the rocking chair offers that exact measure. The design is thought so that the fabric goes from one point to another without the need of seams or cuts, making its process/execution more sustainable. A single piece of fabric makes up the seat, the cushion and the spaces needed to attach it to the walnut wood structure.