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MED: Ceramics Collection




The ceramic tableware collection has been handcrafted in different workshops around the Mediterranean: Palma, Pòrtol and Barcelona. The set brings a sustainable approach through the support of local crafts and natural raw materials.


With light silhouettes and comfortable handling, the collection reinforces its Mediterranean character both through its origin and artisanal process, as well as through its natural tones and organic shapes. The plates have a certain roughness, reminiscent of the sand of the island's beaches. Some also add a smooth and shiny finish that evokes the purity of water.


The tableware made in Mallorca (Palma and Pòrtol) is made of stoneware: a ceramic material resistant to high temperatures. This is what is the case of the deep plate, the shallow plate, the bowl, the sauce bowl and the board. In addition, Pòrtol also manufactures the mugs that are found in the rooms.