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Everlasting, Collab with La Prairie


La Prairie



Everlasting is a dynamic marble and water sculpture inspired by the cyclical state of nature and the constant movements of the Swiss landscape.
The pearls, encapsulated by glass and marble, appear and disappear accompanying the flow of water.


It may seem that life is finite, but the beginning and the end are not linear, they are cyclical. One may think that what one sees is all that exists, but it is relative. Life is timeless, everything appears, disappears and reappears. The flow of water rises and falls slowly, allowing us to see or not to see, making us aware of the most valuable source of all: time.


The materiality of the installation is born from the Swiss landscape, particularly from its mountains and the water of its lakes. Inside, the gel pearls symbolize the purity, precision and prestige of the house of La Prairie.