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This project arises from a personal motivation that investigates about the concept of sexuality in society, about the sexual education we receive and about the stereotypes that we find when buying a product for intimacy, such as sex toys.


The project brings together a study presented in a book format that demonstrates the negative impact that pornography has had on sexual education and the link to technology that it implies. This technological dependence has led - to a certain extent - human beings to develop numerous "sex toys" in bright colors and childish shapes that must vibrate or move to replicate natural movement, making us less and less valid and more and more comfortable. It is due to the lack of design, sensitivity and lack of education that the project gives birth to the collection of erotic pieces "Kama". 


The Kama pieces are jewels that are made with solid glass and silicone, materials that are intended to adapt to all types of bodies and work without electricity. The jewelry is intended to activate the energy that resides in each of us, making our own body the motor.  Finished in neutral tones such as white, black and transparent, they bring simplicity and sensitivity. The designs of soft and subtle shapes accompany the person without attracting attention, so they could be placed freely in the bedroom without the need to be hidden.


In conclusion, Kama reconnects people in an analogical way to the inextinguishable human instinct to love.


JOYA Bareclona Fair 2018

Museum Arnhem 2020

Milan design Week 2021