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Crema: Jug and Glass Set




Set of glasses and jugs made of blown glass and inspired by the Mediterranean culture and Catalan gastronomy.


Project carried out in collaboration with Artesans de Catalunya and Ferran Collado that combines tradition and design in a set of pieces with a delicate and ethereal appearance, giving prominence to the content. At the same time, the singularity of the pieces -both in shape and surface- is enhanced due to their manufacturing process. The finish plays with a gradient between matte and transparent along the borosilicate geometry, a glass that combines lightness and resistance to thermal shock. 


Crema encompasses the concepts of tradition, love and dedication to the handcrafted product. These are designs with lively, oscillating lines that contrast with the solidity of the material used. In fact, these pieces are inspired by some aspects of crema catalana, a typical dessert of Catalan gastronomy: the vitrification of the sugar, its degradation when burnt, the contrast between the smooth surface and the creaminess of the interior... 


Milan Design Week 2018

Espai Flaix Artesanies Catalunya 2018